1- How long it takes to get account logins after payment is made?

Ans: We process the order within few minutes and can take upto 12  hours in some cases.


2- Will I get any proof for my purchase?

Ans: Yes, we will provide you an official invoice for your order, which will have the login details of the account.


3-After purchase, how do i get the account details (username & pass). 

Ans: The purchased account details (username & pass) will be send out to the customer email address via online.  

Note: Please check Junk mails time to time after purchase, in some cases the server send emails to junk.


4- Can I ask for extra services regarding Reddit?

Ans: Yes you may ask for all kind of Reddit related services from the support team/online Agent and they will provide the best possible solution/help.


For more questions please contact our London based Trusted support team.  (Thanks)